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A d v e n t u r e -

s p o r t s a n d b e y o n d

Vandit Kalia

Vandit Kalia is a dive instructor

and amateur bike racer.

He races for Team Spectrum,

one of the top amateur teams

in India, and specialises in eating

all the cake at team events.

Like a true bike racer,

he obsesses about some day

achieving “race weight”.

Zubin Narielwala

Zubin is the resident Assistant

Editor at ‘Adventure – sports

and beyond’ and has been a

crucial member of the team

since the inception of the

magazine. He has written

several articles for AS&B, and

his piece about the history of

adventure, in the inaugural

issue, was quite well received,

so much so that he was called

on to give a TED talk about his

findings, here in Mumbai.



Theo Allofs

Theo Allofs is a photographer

with 30 years of experience

under his belt.

He specialises in wildlife and

nature photography. His work

has appeared in National

Geographic Magazine, The

Smithsonian, Time Magazine,

New York Times, Newsweek,

GEO and American Photo

among others.

Over the years Theo has won

numerous international awards,

amongst them 11 awards

in the prestigious BBC Wildlife

‘Photographer of the

Year’ competition.

Shruti Sunderraman

Shruti is a travel writer based

in India who doubles up as a

freelance culture journalist. She

is also an adventure enthusiast,

who uses her wanderlust to

understand both individual and

social perspectives of culture,

and ‘immovably stare off the

travel window’.

Dr Erik Monasterio

Originally from Bolivia,

currently based in New Zealand,

Dr. Erik Monasterio is a forensic

psychiatrist and senior clinical

lecturer at the University of

Otago. Dr Monasterio is also

an experienced mountaineer,

and has made several ascents

around the world and been

involved in a number of

search and rescue missions.

This interest has led to his

research about the personality

characteristics of "extreme"

sports people which has

garnered widespread

academic acclaim.

Nitish Waila

A designer by profession,

Nitish Waila has been the

mind behind some of’

s most interesting

artworks. In his free time

he likes to travel, mostly to

dangerous mountains and

take up daunting challenges.

His ‘fifteen peaks in a year’

challenge to himself

has been an inspiration to

all amateurs who shy away

from adventure, bogged down

by its difficulty.