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A d v e n t u r e -

s p o r t s a n d b e y o n d

Yo u n g S p e a k

Fifteen Peaks,

An Amateur

It is quite a daunting task for amateurs like me to take that first step into the

wild unknowns of adventure sports: the field tends to elude so many of us,

with its promises of certain danger, of high standards of technical proficiency.

But in January 2015, I made up my mind to push against these inhibitions. I

made my way up to the Himalayas, to trek the treacherous ranges. And then, I fell in love.

I knew as soon as I came down that I had to go back up again. I finally understood that

feeling of addiction and exhilaration that adrenaline junkies harp on about. That was how

the plan to climb fifteen Himalayan peaks was hatched. A hell of a New Year’s resolution,

if you ask me!

Text and

Photographs: Nitish Waila

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