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Text and photographs: Theo Allofs

Theo had to wait 10 days before the weather was good enough to fly the 25kms to Sandwich Harbour: a beautiful coastal lagoon

at the edge of the dune belt of the Namib Desert, home to large flocks of flamingos. The image has been taken from an altitude of

1000m from aboard Theo’s para-glider. The darker shades in the picture are caused by the different depths of water, the lighter ones

are either sand dunes or sand bars.

For the Master photographer, Theo Allofs, photography

is all about point of view, your own perspectives. No

wonder he took to the skies and brought down visions

of the world around us from up there. He wrested some

of the most striking images from the heart of the African

drylands as he flew over Namibia in what is ostensibly

the best seat in the game: aboard a para-motor.

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