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A d v e n t u r e -

s p o r t s a n d b e y o n d

A d v e n t u r e I n t e r v i e w

The Adventure Interview

In Conversation


Petzl’s reputation in the

world of adventure sports speaks

for itself. Where did it all begin, and

what role has your organisation

played in championing the cause of



Petzl has grown, little by

little, over the last 40 years; always

committed to excellence and the

guiding principles of creating and

developing innovative tools and

services that facilitate our customers

to progress, position and protect

themselves in vertical, dark and

testing environments. It all started

with a passion, with caving, an activity

that requires you to descend, ascend,

and light up your surroundings.

Petzl is made up of a team of people

whose DNA is designing high value-

added solutions for customers, in

their preferred activities and areas of


The majority of our staff members

have a passion that lights them up

inside. My role is to allow this passion

to grow, while ensuring that we

continuously provide our customers

with the ability to move forward.

Mountaineering history is replete with the exploits

of those who have excelled in this dangerous sport.

But little has been said about the people who enabled

these adventures. The equipment or tools that actually

allowed for these amazing feats is rarely, if ever,

mentioned. These ‘carpenter’s tools’ have evolved and

improved alongside the adventurer, meeting his/her

ever-increasing needs of safety and efficiency. For more

than forty years, the Petzl Corporation and its founders

have served this movement. Paul Petzl (PP) is the

Founder and President of the gear manufacturing giant

‘Petzl’. His company’s products are the gold standard in

the field of adventure sports and have enabled several

athletes to push the boundaries of their respective

genres. When presented, the ‘Adventure – sports and

beyond’ (AS&B) team grabbed the opportunity to pick

the brains of this stalwart of the adventure sector.

Paul Petzl

Courtesy: Petzl